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How Connected Devices Are Revolutionizing How And Who We Pay

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By Karen Webster Posted on October 22, 2018 Connected devices — smartphones, tablets, voice-activated speakers, smartwatches, in-car dashboard systems — are changing how consumers in the U.S. buy and pay. Not just some consumers, but almost all of them. We have brand-new data that reveals how much change is happening. Using smartphones and apps to autopay at gas stations, or to find and pay

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SWIFT Successfully Tests Instant Cross-Border Payments

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By PYMNTSPosted on October 22, 2018 SWIFT announced Sunday (October 21) successful test results of its new instant cross-border payments proof of concept, involving banks in China, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. In a press release, SWIFT said the trial showed that by enabling gpi in real-time domestic systems, payments can happen near instantly, even when they involve domestic settlement and non-gpi banks.  “These results demonstrate

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Amazon Files Patent To Enable Alexa To Detect Illness Via Voice

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By PYMNTSPosted on October 15, 2018 Amazon is trying to make Alexa, its voice-activated personal assistant, act as a doctor or nurse, detecting illness by a change in the user’s voice. The Next Web reported the company recently filed a patent in which Alexa can determine different things about a person based on their voice. For instance, it can determine if someone is

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Global Payments Links With Alipay; Grab And Fave Partner To Boost Growth

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By PYMNTSPosted on October 4, 2018 Welcome to The Axis, your late look at payments news from around the world. Coverage includes Global Payments’ tie-up with Alipay to serve Chinese tourists in the U.K. In addition, Grab and Fave are teaming up through a strategic partnership in Asia, and KKR and Tencent plan to invest in Voyager Innovations in the Philippines. Global Payments is teaming up with Alipay in the U.K. to help retailers serve Chinese tourists, according to reports. With the

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Digital payments industry still awaits debit card reimbursements

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Government has already reimbursed the merchant discount rates applicable on digital transactions via debit cards for a period from January to June to banks, says digital payments industry body PCI LiveMint: Thu, Sep 27 2018. 11 51 PM IST The government in December last year decided to bear the MDR applicable on transactions made through debit cards, BHIM-UPI and Aadhaar-enabled

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